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Israel Housing Market: Emerging Opportunities 

Israel Housing Market: Emerging Opportunities

Upon the formation of the current government, The Ministry of Construction and Housing is determined to resolve the housing crisis in Israel by fully concentrating its efforts on central challenges in the housing sector. The complexity of the challenge has led us to promote solutions derived essentially from different sectors, which are interrelated: promotion of new construction,support and improvement of the public housing sector, strengthening peripheral communities, promotion of urban renewal processes, improvement of bureaucratic procedures and industrialization of the construction industry.

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 Monthly Rental Assistance Sums 

Individuals with Ministry of Construction eligibility may receive information here concerning the amount of rental assistance available to them.

 Contractors Registry 

Are You Employing a Legally Registered Contractor?

The Contractors Registrar manages the Contractors Registry which includes all the registered contractors and their professional and financial classifications. The Law states that engineering construction work of certain types and within a certain financial scope may only be performed by a registered contractor. In the Registry you can inspect the details of a contractor who you are considering to hire.