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Financial assistance for reinforcing buildings against earthquakes (NOP 38) in Project Renewal sites

The Ministry of Construction and Housing, in coordination with The Ministry of Finance is embarking on a new initiative that will provide for the first time, government funding for projects aimed at reinforcing structures throughout the country. As part of far reaching changes taking place in the Project Renewal Department, Project Renewal will cease to engage in the external renovation of homes and will focus instead, on changing building support structures including reinforcement against earthquakes, expanding apartments and upgrading and adding apartments, as is customary for projects in the National Outline Plan (NOP) 38.
The goal of this assistance is to bring projects in rehabilitated neighborhoods to economic feasibility and implementation.

To begin structure reinforcement and upgrading as part of the NOP 38 framework, tenants will need to contact developers and sell them their building rights as is customary in any NOP 38 project.

To the Spokesperson’s Full Announcement (link to information in Hebrew)
For the call for proposals and additional information (link to information in Hebrew)

 Additional Topics on the Agenda 

 Monthly Rental Assistance Sums 

Individuals with Ministry of Housing eligibility may receive information here concerning the amount of rental assistance available to them.

 Contractors Registry 

Are You Employing a Legally Registered Contractor?

The Contractors Registrar manages the Contractors Registry which includes all the registered contractors and their professional and financial classifications. The Law states that engineering construction work of certain types and within a certain financial scope may only be performed by a registered contractor. In the Registry you can inspect the details of a contractor who you are considering to hire.