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 On the Agenda 

The Ministry of Construction has completed the process of re-designating companies with the task of managing rental assistance requests, with the goal of improving the level of services provided to citizens.
From Sunday May 3, 2015 the public will benefit from improved call center services which will include additional languages; a wider distribution of branches, additional reception days in the various branches, shorter waiting periods, cell phone based personal account management and a more extensive service basket.

For moer information on rental assistance companies

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 Additional Topics on the Agenda 

 Monthly Rental Assistance Sums 

Individuals with Ministry of Construction eligibility may receive information here concerning the amount of rental assistance available to them.

 Contractors Registry 

Are You Employing a Legally Registered Contractor?

The Contractors Registrar manages the Contractors Registry which includes all the registered contractors and their professional and financial classifications. The Law states that engineering construction work of certain types and within a certain financial scope may only be performed by a registered contractor. In the Registry you can inspect the details of a contractor who you are considering to hire.